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Gender Representation in Management of Municipality-Owned Business Companies as of February 2019

Open Data Albania is an initiative promoting  Open Data principles and standards. In this article, Open Data Albania explores gender representation in the management of publicly-owned companies, particularly those owned by the municipalities.

Private Public Partnership Concessions with budget support for 2019

Open Data Albania is exploring concessionary contracts and Public-Private Partnerships with budget support for 2019. According to the Report on the 2019 Draft Budget, there are eleven concessionary contracts or public private partnerships (PP

Ranking of Private Contractors by the value of contracts signed with the Municipalities for the period 15 July 2015 – 12 December 2018

Open Data Albania presents the list of private contractors, ranking them by the value of contracts signed with the municipalities and their subordinate entities. This ranking is based on the data regarding all the procurement procedures conducted

Ranking of business companies by value of contracts awarded by Municipalities during 2017-2018

Open Data Albania is investigating into business companies contracted by local government units, ranking them by the value of contracts they have been awarded through public procurement. The ranking includes 50 economic subjects, which have been a

Albania’s public debt and its structure for the period 2007-2017

Open Data Albania is updating its data on Albania’s stock of public debt. The debt stock of a country is defined as the total outstanding public debt emitted within and outside the country. Public debt may be emitted within the country and held by

Foreign Exchange Reserve 2007-2017

Open Data Albania has investigated into the Foreign Exchange Reserve over the last ten years, i.e. the period 2007-2017. The Foreign Exchange Reserve is the total reserve in foreign currency kept and managed by the Bank of Albania. Such reserve se

Stock of FIDs by country of origin 2012 - 2017

Open Data Albania has updated its data about the stock of Foreign Direct Investments (FIDs) in the Albanian economy based on the information published by the Bank of Albania. The stock of FIDs represents the level of Direct Investments at a cer

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The Ratio between Foreign Investments and Remittances during 2008-2017

Open Data Albania is updating its data on remittances and Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) for the 10-year period from 2008 until 2017. The Bank of Albania is the source of information for this update. For this reporting period (2008-2017), the

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Incomes and Expenses of the Democratic Party for its 2017 Electoral Campaign

Open Data Albania is investigating into the incomes and expenditures of the electoral subjects for their 2017 electoral campaign. The information is extracted from the report of the independent auditor. Such report provides well-structured informa