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Exploration, reserves and exports of copper 2005 - 2013

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Open Data Albania has undertaken a research on the performance of exports of copper, one of the most important and precious minerals, exploited by the Albanian underground. This mineral is exported to foreign markets. According to the customs authorities, copper exports recorded a value of 3.05 billion ALL the end of 2013, down by about 23% against the previous year. The decline in the value of exports during the last year was mainly due to lower copper prices. The quantity of copper exported in 2013 compared to 2012 decreased to 17.7% of annual base.

Source: General Directorate of Customs
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From 2005 to 2013 the price of copper for export has undergone continuous fluctuations. According to estimates from the Open Data Albania (export value / exports in quantity) copper price in 2013 is reduced to more than 6% versus 2012.

Source: General Directorate of Customs
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Copper is ranked today among the most valuable minerals, which is exported from Albania. He is exploited in Fushe Arrez area and processed in the form of copper concentrate in the factory administered through a concession contract by the Turkish company, Beralb. In total, in Albania there are explored annually about 300 thousand tonnes of copper, which is then processed as a concentrate to be exported.

According to the customs authority, exporting companies declare initial destinations Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, etc., but mostly these are not final markets, just transits to the final market of China. The geography of these countries, also has undergone fluctuations in the years 2005-2013. Year 2013 has registered a fall in exports to Italy; Bulgaria or Greece, and marks zero value for the trade or export of copper metal in Germany.

Source: General Directorate of Customs
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During the period of socialism, the economy has had a significant industry of processing copper. From this industry, concentrated mainly in the valley of the River Fan, was exploited and proccessed copper ore and gold that are among the most precious metals in the international markets. With the liberalization of the economic system the industry is aiming to focus on foreign investments, by giving under concession agreement fields and mines.

National mining reserves of copper, are estimated to be 32 million tons. These reserves are located in fifty different deposits or existing mines. More known deposits of copper today are in the areas of Korca, Mirdita, Puke, Shkodra, Kukes and Has. Only in the area of Munella, Puke there are about 8 million tons of known reserves of copper. Mirdita and Puka have bigger potential based on the amount of production and the number of copper mines. Based on geological conditions, morphology and ingredients, there are three type of copper: Plutonic, type quartz; volcanic, volcanic-sedimentary.

Detailed areas with copper

Source: AKBN http://www.akbn.gov.al/images/pdf/publikime/Broshura_Minierat.pdf
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Ultimately there have been griven under concession agrement four copper mines in the North of the country, which are expected to further increase the quantity of this mineral to be extracted from the Albanian underground.  These mines are located in the area and are Fushe-Arrëz, Qafë-Bar, Palucë, Tuç, Fushë-Arrëz Neck-Bar, Paluca, TUC. Concessionary company is again Beralb.

Four new mines have a production capacity of 50-70 thousand tons of copper ore per year, while only Munella has a capacity of 300 thousand tons per year. These four new concessions would lead to about 400 thousand tons of copper exploited annually in the country.

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